navel robotics

I am looking for two partners

Marvin Minsky said: "The question is not whether intelligent machines can have any emotions, but whether machines can be intelligent without any emotions." That's why not only the Silicon Valley is working so hard to combine machine learning with emotion models and embodiment, but also navel robotics in Munich.

We want to create the first artificial being that possesses social intelligence and strives to build up social resonance with humans on its own.

A 3-year research project and the start-up are financed. A consortium of universities and industry with the necessary expertise is available. In order to turn navel robotics into a sustainable business case, I need two further enthusiasts who have the confidence to take on this challenge and want to join the company as a partner:

Machine Learning and Robotics Enthusiast

This means a brain that has the experience and confidence e.g. to combine emotion-based cognitive behavioral architectures with deep reinforcement learning. Or to combine Seq2Seq models with word embedding to push the dialog module. Or to combine SLAM, object detection and action detection etc.. The aim is to support the consortium partners with your outstanding expertise in machine learning and robotics to go beyond the borders.

Design Engineer and Embodiment Enthusiast

This means an artist, designer, mechanical engineer and material specialist who has the eye, the brain, the hands and the heart to handle freeform surfaces as well as 3D printers, static forces and dynamic movements as well as extraordinary materials. The aim is to achieve an exciting experience by make the quality of a 3D character of current animated movies become real.


If you are thrilled by social robotics, entrepreneurship and these challenges, I would love to hear from you. The next step would be a personal interview in which I reveal even more details about the concept and we have the opportunity to see how we fit together personally.