Social Robots

We humans are social beings from the ground up. Our brain is trained and optimized for life in social structures - over thousands of years and within every single person. In this respect, however, all our smart products are mute and not so smart at all, but remain aseptic on the feature level.

navel robotics aims to create social robots with a liveliness that we only know from pets or characters in 3D animation movies. We create artificial beings who have the desire to build up social resonance with humans and their environment.

Social Resonance

Artificial Beings

navel robotics develops a social robot with a lively presence, its own character, proactive behaviour and social competence based on deep learning modules. He will thus become an attentive and empathetic companion. He proactively seeks eye contact, builds up a social resonance, is interested in his counterpart and can have small talk. He perceives the state of mind of his counterpart and reacts sensitively to it.

The groundbreaking, holistic software and hardware design has been optimized solely for this purpose. We make use of the latest findings from the fields of machine learning and robotics to create these first creatures of a new kind: Artificial Beings.


Cutting Edge Research and Development

navel robotics was founded in the context of the research project "VIVA". In cooperation with universities and other companies, we work in a highly interdisciplinary team of natural and humanities scientists as well as hardware, software and electronics engineers. Users and designers are also involved. In this 3-year project we develop the basic concept up to demonstrators of the social robot VIVA.

For this holistic approach we have a broad expertise within the consortium: Social Cognitive Systems, Deep Learning, Social Signal Interpretation, Affective Computing, Ethics, Data and Consumer Protection Law, Applied Social Psychology, User Experience Design, Rapid Prototyping, Design Technology, Materials Technology, Sensor and Actuator Technologies, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Agil Software Development and Design Thinking.

For more information please contact:
Claude Toussaint
Founder and managing partner

navel robotics GmbH
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