the resources you can use to start your own navel project


describes the easy handling of navel: charging, connecting, starting, maintenance, etc.

web application for direct control of navel without programming – quick and easy. Well suited for Wizard-of-Oz tests.

description of the Python SDK that enables you to completely customize navel behaviour and to craft your own applications with Python.

navel includes speech synthesis from acapela with support for dozens of languages and provides the ability to tune many synthesis parameters, letting the voice sound more vivid.

navel control studio

With the delivery of navel you will get full access to navel control studio. Following you get a first glimpse of the possibilities of our novel browser based application.

enter the navel control studio

Control navel instantly over WiFi and your browser to start your Wizard-of-Oz studies without any coding requirements.

You will find all main functions combined on one dashboard to control navel quickly and easily. For scenarios requiring more advanced control you can tweak all settings and fully customize navel’s behavior.

The following screenshot shows the target version of the navel control studio. Not all components have been implemented yet. This will be done bit by bit over the next few months.

the individual control windows and their function

camera & gaze

  • See and hear what navel perceives
  • Start a video stream from the selected camera
  • Control the audio stream
  • Control where navel should direct his focus

emotion & gesture

  • Set the basic emotional state of navel
  • Select emotions
  • Start gesture sequences


  • Execute preinstalled Python scripts
  • Adapt scripts to your needs
  • Execute your own Python scripts


  • Type what navel should say

status bar

  • Stream your own voice to the robot
  • Stop all navel activites
  • Set navel’s speaker volume
  • Check navel‘s battery status
  • Check navel’s temperature
  • Switch navel off
  • Log out