Creating robotic beings you want to be with

Our Mission

We create empathetic robotic beings, social robots that people enjoy interacting with.

By doing so, we are making the potential of robots and artificial intelligence available to everyone – especially in social areas.

Tools are meant to expand our capabilities. However, artificial intelligence and robots can only be used by a few experts so far.

Anyone can interact with our robots. With artificial intelligence, we make our robots socially intelligent.

Communication with them is human-like and therefore very intuitive.

Our robot not only understands spoken language but also non-verbal cues like facial expressions and gestures. It establishes eye contact before they speak to you and show empathy through facial expressions and an emotional voice. It is pleasant to be with them.

As a very interdisciplinary team, we want to combine the best of the different worlds of deep tech, design and psychology.

Our Roadmap

May 2017

Foundation of navel robotics GmbH

Aug 2018 bis Dec 2021

Dec 2020

First working prototype and Wizard-of-Oz tests in nursing homes and children’s hospitals

Feb 2021 bis Jun 2023

BayTOU research project

Jul 2021

second prototype generation on wheel-platform


Third prototype generation


Small batch production
Sale to research institutions
Start of pilotprojects in elderly care homes


Series production

Our Management Team

Claude Toussaint

Founder, CEO

Formerly managing partner of the international consulting agency designaffairs. 20 years of experience in user experience design, product strategy and management consulting for global corporations.

Markus Petermann

Management Board, CTO

16 years of experience in physics, software, electronics, machine learning and more in both startup and international nonprofit environments.

Philipp Schwarz

Management Board, COO

6 years of experience in product and process development, physics, software engineering and construction in a technology start-up environment.

Jakob Biesterfeldt

Management Board, CCO

20+ years of business growth and commercial leadership in B2B product development and innovation consulting.


Do you want to be part of the team?

You can find our current vacancies here.

Our Advisor

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marc Toussaint
AI & Robotics at TU Berlin, head of the Learning & Intelligent Systems Lab

Dr. Valérie Soulier
Managing Director 2c4p, Global Marketing, Commercialization, Strategy

Prof. Dr. Martina Mara
Head of LIT Robopsychology Lab Johannes Kepler University Linz

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kopp
Head of the Social Cognitive Systems Group, Bielefeld University

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André
Chairholder Chair for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, Augsburg University

Prof. Dr. Anne Meißner
Socio-technical systems in care and health, Hildesheim University


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