a robotic being

you want to be with

navel is a social robot of the next generation

What makes navel special?

Through the interplay of deep tech and innovative interaction design, navel has unique social capabilities and offers a new form of user experience.

Simply enjoy the presence of the sympathetic robot figure navel and don’t worry about how navel has to be “operated”. Because navel communicates with you in a completely natural way.

The ZDF program TerraXplore has broadcast a report on artificial empathy. The following video is a summary. In it, Navel is interviewed by presenter Jasmina. In the second half, Navel can be seen carrying out tests in a nursing home. You can watch the full report in the ZDF media library (in German only).

a gaze says more
than 1000 words

In which fields can navel be used?

As a research robot, navel enables research into new methods in social human-robot interaction.

As a service robot, e.g. in retail, navel arouses sympathy and at the same time offers helpful information and services.

As a care robot, navel autonomously activates people in need of care, increases their well-being and relieves caregivers.

This makes navel different from other social robots

Use Cases

for your specific requirement



Researchers and developers get full access to all navel‘s capabilities:

Python SDK to program custom behaviour with direct access to all functions
– all high- and low-level data
– video and audio streams
– all actuators (locomotion, head and arm movement, voice output, …)
– RASA Dialog Manager (pre-installed) to control non-verbal behaviour

Browser application to control the robot without programming
– for quick Wizard-of-Oz tests
– Basic emotions, gestures and sequences
– own libraries can be created

For questions and orders please contact us.



In the service and marketing area, navel uses its social skills to win and serve customers for you.

You get a simple web application that allows you to easily customise the interactions and content yourself.

We work with established distributors who can help you integrate it into your use case.

If you are interested in participating in the next pilot projects, please contact us.



Due to his high social skills, navel can emotionally and cognitively activate people in need of care. It independently offers interventions such as activating questions, games, jokes and more.

With its many sensors and enormous computing power, navel can do this completely autonomously and empathically, without caregivers having to take care of it additionally. In this way, navel relieves caregivers and can offer additional individual interventions in parallel to the caregiver and provide variety.

If you are interested in participating in navel care pilot projects from 2023, please contact us.




Computer Vision (10fps)
Face detection
Person identification
Emotion recognition
Head pose
Eye gaze

Sound Processing
Sound source localization
Beam forming

Natural Language Processing
STT: Google ASR
TTS: Acapela (30 languages)
Dialog Manager: RASA, GPT

Socially aware proxemics

Python SDK

navel control studio


NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier
15 GB for user data

Head: 80° 720P 60 fps Global Shutter
Body: 160° 720P 60 fps Global Shutter

3D array comprised of 7 microfones

3D Sensors
Intel® RealSense™ Depth Module D430
2x Lidar sensors
3x Sonar sensors

3x Round displays
3x 3d lenses

Head: 3x quiet gimbal motors
Drive: 2x 65 W motors
Shoulder: 2x Servo motors
Tilt: 2x linear motors

2x 4 W Broadband loudspeaker 

288 Wh Li-Ion Batteries


Height 72 cm

8 kg


navel - der soziale Roboter

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