Experienced software developer (d/f/m)

You have been developing ambitious software for several years? No matter if you already have professional experience or if you hack into power plants in your spare time – most important for is that you bring a deep and broad understanding from microcontrollers to graphics processors, you write efficient, secure and well-structured C code and ideally already have experience with software development in a team, code reviews and the team-wide implementation of coding style guidelines. We want to get to know you! Please send an e-mail to

navel robotics develops a physical social robot that interacts highly dynamically with its environment. It must reliably recognize space, people and the context in living spaces in order to be able to act fast and sensibly. We build up on open source tools and optimize them and our hardware for our match our requirements.


  • Development of perception modules (mapping, object recognition, face recognition, emotion recognition, …), Sensor Selection & Data Fusion
  • Development of the overall software structure, thread management and monitoring, resource management and scheduling
  • Support code reviews, refactoring and revision
  • Support the selection and implementation of coding style guidelines

Required skills

  • Expert in C and the POSIX APIs
  • Expert in writing secure and efficient code
  • Experience with software projects comprising several 10k LOC
  • Experience with TensorRT and CUDA on embedded systems
  • Experience with machine learning and computer vision
  • Ability to quickly gain an overview over complex topics
  • Ability to find structured approaches to complex projects

Big Plus Skills

  • Experience with Device Trees and Linux driver development
  • Experience with SLAM and path planning
  • Experience with the NVIDIA Jetson platform
  • Ability to speak and write in German fluently and idiomatically

Remuneration Package

  • Salary & Shares

Let’s shape the future of robotics – together!