We offer a great vision and exciting challenges

We are a small interdisciplinary team that has taken on one of the most difficult challenges of all: to build a “living” robot figure i.e., a believable artificial character that is suitable for everyday use and at the same time touches people’s hearts.

Our team is characterized by:

Attention to detail
Often it’s the details you have to see and understand first to find the right solution.

Brave courage
We often work on things we’ve never done before, and don’t hesitate even when things are supposed to be difficult.

Pragmatic solutions
Even though we value academic background knowledge, what counts in the end is the finished solution that works.

Even if we work in an agile way, we get through thirsty phases and think long-term.

Flexibility & Universality
In our small team, we work on diverse topics. A deep basic understanding gets us further in this than a very pointed expertise.

We master our tools and not the other way around. Our overview and focus ensure our efficiency.

Complexity comes naturally. Clear structures and clean code let us control complexity efficiently.

The faster we understand where the problem is, the faster we find the smart solution.

Because we know the basics in our sleep, we can focus on the exciting challenges.

In an interdisciplinary team, successful communication is sometimes challenging and at the same time essential.

Currently we are looking for
software developers

This is the basic knowledge you should bring with you:

– Expert in C and the Linux API

– Eloquent handling of git and make

– Embedded Linux, drivers

– Basics in Go

– Several years of experience with software projects with several 10k

– Software architecture, thread management and monitoring, resource
management, IPC and scheduling

– German language


In the next few months, we will focus on topics including: Cognitive
Layer, SLAM, Path Planning, Natural Language Processing, TTS, STT.