Navel performs at the annual reception of the Evangelische Heimstiftung

The Evangelische Heimstiftung, with its approximately 10,000 employees, has a nice tradition of having a reception at the beginning of the year with all management and leadership. The Christian guiding principles and strategic themes of the year are presented. And this year Navel was able to play an important role in this.

While Bernhard Schneider, CEO of the Evangelsichen Heimstiftung, is giving his presentation, Navel suddenly comes in and interrupts him in the middle of his talk, causing hilarity in the audience. Here is the scene in the film.

The Evangelische Heimstiftung aims to combine Christian values with professionalism and innovation. Therefore, they want to test Navel’s potential for their almost 160 facilities together with navel robotics in the course of the year as part of a pilot project. We are very much looking forward to our joint collaboration and a great year 2023!

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